April 2, 2012

I've found a new use for Lego!

In my latest phase - I've been studying bookbinding on Youtube (is that a legitimate study venue?)  Anyway, I did make a book bound with cords following some instructions I found.  It was a thin book, only four signatures of four papers each.  It took me an hour or so to sew it.  After I was finished sewing I thought  "there must be an easier way!"  So I looked around the internet some more and found an italian video that showed the same technique but he had a handy dandy frame thingamagig.  Wonderful!  I had found the easier way, but had no thingamagig.  So, after much thought, I played with some Legos and came up with this.  In the picture, I have finished 6 out of 7 signatures for a notebook that I've promised to Madeline.  While it is not perfect, it has some redeeming qualities that I must mention.
1.  It was free.
2.  It is easy to assemble and dissasemble
3.  It is endlessly adjustable
4.  It's parts can be reused in other projects
5.  It is colourful.
6.  It was 10 times easier to sew the binding with this thing than without it.

So there you have it.  My thingamagig.

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