March 30, 2012


Well, the calendar says Spring arrived last week.  I have a sneaking suspicion that we had spring and summer already and it is now midway through autumn again.  I've been slacking big time the last month - in everything.  I've mostly just wanted to curl up with a good audiobook and doze.  I did have a brief spurt of energy in early March when I cleaned out my clothes.  I tossed two small garbage bags and bagged up 2 large blue bags to donate somewhere.  Then I put my summer clothes in a foot locker thing and was able to get my dresser out of the room.  I haven't yet actually brought the clothes away ... but I have moved them around the house a couple times since.  I also went through all the books/magazines on our shelves and set aside a bunch to donate/toss and organized what's left.
my side of the room after the dresser is out, but before the magazines are taken off the bookshelf

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