November 27, 2011


I have been fascinated by origami for a long time.  Recently Madeline & I found a pretty cool video that showed us how to make this.

 and a website that showed how to make these.
The flower ball is made up of 12 flowers.  Each flower is made of 5 pieces of construction paper.  I think technically this isn't origami, since it is held together by tape and staples.  But anyway, I think it took about 4 hours.  Madeline worked on it with me until bedtime and then I finished.  The 16 pt star is made of 16 squares (2.75") left over from  cutting the squares for the flower ball and other origami experiments.  I've found that wrapping paper actually makes pretty decent folding paper for me, though it tears too easily for Madeline to use.  So, I might make a few tree ornaments from paper left over from wrapping presents.  

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