July 20, 2011

So ... Here's my problem

I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter.  She is cheerful and kind and mostly obedient, she has long legs, and sharp elbows, and sparkly brown eyes.  I would like to dress her in nice clothing that doesn't cost too much, that doesn't advertise for major corporations or pop stars, and doesn't display her body in ways that are inappropriate.    So, since she has outgrown many of her clothes, I go shopping.  Our nearest town has 2? stores that sell clothing for girls her size.  Walmart & Superstore.  I have scoured the racks.  The most modest stuff usually has a large picture of Justin Beiber on it.  I am not the most conservative of women.  I wear shorts on occasion and pants at home most of the time.  I  have issues with women who wear skirts that are shorter than my shorts.  I don't want my active little girl to wear such short skirts.  As a toddler and preschooler, there were slightly more options, now as a size 7?!?  I get angry every time I shop for clothes for her.  At Christmas, she needed a plain, black shirt.  Nothing(except the one with JB on the front - why do 6yo girls know who he is? and why would parents want them to wear shirts that say "Future Mrs. Bieber" on them?).  By the way if you know where I live and think  that I have missed a store, please, please let me know so that I can try there.

I have, on occasion, done some sewing.  We'll just say I didn't make any heirlooms.

I think, in our area at least, there could be a market for pretty and practical clothes for girls.  Not just denim skirts, or fancy dresses.  Modest bathing suits, shorts and shirts, every day skirts and dresses, pants, that aren't low rise or skin tight.  So, anyone with money, time, energy, talent ... go for it.  I'll be there.

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