July 18, 2011


Hey, I know there are lots of pantry posts out there, but I was cleaning out mine and thought I'd share.  Lots of pictures here - I decided against posting the video.  If you feel you can't live with out seeing video of my pantry just leave a comment and I'll send you a free dvd of the riveting footage.

more food

Top Shelf - stuff that is rarely used

rice, pasta, cornmeal, beans, barley and noodles
nice and tidy on the shelf

Our cereal shelf 9 different kinds

Baking supplies take up two shelves

Miscellaneous stuff on two more shelves  -
 the drink mixes are above the baking shelf
I think I counted 12 peanut butter containers that I have filled with something else (and one waiting to be washed).  We use a lot of peanut butter and these 1 kg containers make good canisters.  Here is where we keep our peanut butter.  Above the toaster - we have the simple sandwich makings, and quick oats, sugar & salt.
Breakfast centre

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