July 22, 2011

Packing for the Journey

Well, the road trip to Ontario anyway.
When we drove to BC in spring, I was faced with packing clothes for 4 people for 10 days(9 nights), including a wedding.  The solution I came up with was this...
I designated one suitcase for toiletries.  One for 'on the road stops', one for the 2 night stay with my brother and sister in law (thank you for having us) in Vancouver, and one for the 3 night stay in Langley (thanks Atchisons!) where the wedding was.  And by suitcase, I mean the rolling ones that can be carried on a plane.
This worked pretty well for us, because then we didn't have to bring in one case for everyone every time we stopped for night.  The kids each had a bag for books and toys that they were supposed to keep track of - and mostly they stayed in the van.  We did do laundry somewhere I think.  So I actually had at least one suitcase of clean clothes when we got home.
This trip is a couple of days longer and has the added complications of including a wedding, a big birthday bash, and camping.
I'm planning on using the same general idea, just adding another piece of luggage for clothes.  I'm pretty sure I don't have enough clothing to last 2 weeks without doing laundry, so I hope I'll have the opportunity to do that. Then the camping gear will go in as well.  We bought a big tent, but I managed to pack it back into the bag it came in without too much trouble.  Now I just need to decide whether the weather will warrant a warm sleeping bag.
I make lists.  Lots of lists.  I don't always check them off, but just making the lists helps to organize my brain.  So, in this case.  I will check things off, so that when Paul wants to pack something or know where something has been packed, he can look at the lists.  I often start making lists a week or two in advance.  As the list gets bigger, I rewrite it several times, in different orders and formats, which helps me remember items that we'll need.
I'll take a picture once we have the van packed up.

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