June 27, 2011

So, it's Monday.  I cleaned like crazy for about 3 1/2 hours.  Today, I skipped Madeline's room (I think I'll help her do that later), but I did get the rec room done.  It seemed that, except for Madeline's room(how does she get so much stuff on the floor when she's only in there at night?), the house just didn't take as long to clean.  Of course, I do basic stuff during the week, but it's easier to tidy up, when the mess is one thing instead of a whole room.  So, I'll bake something this week and maybe actually crochet something this week.  That said - Paul was gone for the last three days ...
We'll have to see how it works next week, when he will be home for a long weekend.  And then we'll have to see how it works the week after that, because school will be out and Madeline will be home during the day.  I can just make them all sit in the corner and not touch anything right?  No, I guess that wouldn't be living would it.  I'd rather have a messy house than kids who don't play.

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