June 22, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

Well, last night after I finally wound down around midnight, and climbed into bed, I noticed the hissings and gurglings of the water softener in the utility room below.  Nearly an hour later, there was a break in softener noise and that's when I heard it.  Plop...plop...plop... yup, the laundry room ceiling was dripping, and the pail we keep there just in case, was full.  Hastily I emptied the bucket, and returned to bed.  Only to hear the softener start up for its second cycle.  Yeah!  Anyway.  This morning, my early rising husband, found the other leak.  It had soaked a couple of jackets.  So I spent at little time clearing the shelves on which we now keep buckets.  It rained steadily all day.  The sump pump is working wonderfully.  We should give it a bonus.  The driveway is a small pond, and the neighbour's front lawn is a large pond.  I didn't look to see what their actual pond looks like.  I am however, very thankful that we don't live near any major (or even minor) bodies of water that can overflow their banks and wreak havoc.  We only need to deal with a few puddles (inside and out).  As I write this, the sky is lighter than it's been all day.  A break in the clouds to the west is giving a wonderful golden glow and the barn and yard looks clean and fresh (at least from this distance), though it is still raining.

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