June 24, 2011

My New Strategy

No, not really.
     I'm not what anyone would call neat.  On some days in the not so distant past, one might even call me a slob.  I have, in the past, followed along with Flylady (which worked for me when I had a baby), and consulted numerous books, blogs, magazines and websites on the subjects of cleaning, decluttering and organizing.  I have spent hours planning and scheduling.  I think it is safe to say, I spent more time reading about cleaning than actually cleaning.  That is not to say, I haven't made some progress.  I do wash clothes regularly(daily in fact) and I rarely leave the wet clothes in the washer more than a couple of hours (anymore).  I even put said clean clothes away occasionally.  Mostly, I would say the laundry situation is working out okay.  It's the rest of the house... well, lets just say that I regularly get comments from the neighbourhood kids about how messy the house is and recently I heard one darling child say "does your mom clean?"
So this is where my new strategy comes in.  I started on 20th.  I spent the entire day (well, ok maybe only 5 hours) cleaning.  I planned it out on Saturday night.  Every 15 minute block from the time I put Madeline on the bus for school was filled with some cleaning to be done.  I washed bedding, scrubbed the bathroom, the bedrooms, the playroom, the kitchen, the entrance, the porch, the laundry room and the stamp room (that's where the stamp collecting goes on).  I did collapse before I got to the rec room.  Next week, maybe.
   Anyway.  It has been 4 days, and the house is still reasonably neat.  I've even kept up with the laundry (mostly).  I think that messiness is contagious.  In Flylady, she encourages us to clean a room at a time.  I can't seem to keep motivated that way.  If I'm in a tidy space, I'm less likely to make a mess in it.  It seems to work with the kids too.  So, my theory is that next Monday, I'll do the whole house cleaning, but have to work less to achieve the same results.  So if you want to visit, feel free to drop by on Monday evening.  :) We'll see.

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