June 18, 2011

My girl is seven!

Well, I totally forgot to take picture of the cake before it was dismantled.  It was, of course, chocolate.  With chocolate filling and chocolate icing.  Is there any other kind of birthday cake worth making.  I wanted to make a multi layer cake without making it so big it would feed 200.  So, it was 3 tiers.  The top was a cupcake.  I used the pyrex storage bowls, that Mom and Dad gave me, to bake the middle and bottom tiers.  Icing scribblers from the grocery store to decorate and it was done.  I also used the leftover cake and icing to make cakepops.  It was a hot day, so we simply ate them frozen.  Yummy!  Here's pictures of the bottom tier with a few cakepops stuck into it.  They weren't there long, because they were too heavy and would have wrecked the cake.  When Gideon saw how I'd decorated the cake, he started crying and said he didn't like that icing, so he only ate the cakepops without decoration.

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