June 20, 2011

How does my garden grow?

Aren't the colours just gorgeous!  I think that red/orange is my favourite.

Columbine going crazy.  Wonderful!

I love tulips!  There's also a bleeding heart in the background.
Just to be clear -and most people who know me know this - I do not do our vegetable garden.  I did plant (mostly) the flower beds around the house.  It is also (mostly) my job to remove weeds and dead branches etc from said flower beds.  Since we moved to this house 5 years ago, I have discovered a great love of tulips.  (Won't someone please invite me to a wedding in Ottawa some spring?) I don't have much trouble getting out in the garden while the tulips are blooming, but as soon as the heat and mosquitoes come along and the tulips die off, I find it much more comfortable in the house.  These particular pictures are from the east side of the house facing the road, taken on June 1st.

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